Ellen Britton – The Girlfriend Takeaway

This woman. What a joy.

Professional musician, singer/songwriter, and guitar teacher extraordinaire. What was my biggest takeaway from her podcast interview on Girlfriend, We Need To Talk? Actually, I had two.

The first: “Singing harmony might be the best thing about life.” I agree with this, as it applies to music and to relationships. I think that being “in tune” with others is why we’re here in the first place. Strive for it. Hit the high notes. Blend.

The second: “If I can’t have fun, I don’t want to play. I think that’s the secret to everything.” Oh, so true, Miss Ellen. If you’re not digging it, ditch it – or come at your scenario from a different angle. One that infuses joy.

I highly recommend that you listen to this episode to get a true taste of what loving life sounds like. Options include iTunes where you can leave a review, or right here with a simple click.

Oh, and Ellen also gave me a new favorite word. “Dadgum.”

And be sure to follow her through the links below. You’ll be enriched by the connection, guaranteed.

Queen of Hearts
Meet The Queens!

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If I Thought . . .

If I thought that you could hear me
I’d tell you of my day,
All the little steps I took
Toward the dream I crave

You’d laugh at all my antics
And tell me “Good for you,”
Even if the things I shared
Were nothing you would do

If I thought that you could see me
I’d smile with your eyes,
And blow in your direction
A kiss that never dies

I’d wear the blouse you gave me
On the Christmas we last shared,
And match to it the earrings
That you left for me to wear

If I thought that you could feel me
I’d throw my arms out wide,
Await your soul’s arrival
And pull you deep inside

I’d keep a hand turned upward
One for you to hold,
Just like when I was younger,
Just like when you grew old

Take your rest you’ve earned it
I’m really not afraid,
After all you raised me
To be singular and brave

But if on high you’re able
And you hear me call your name,
Feel and watch and listen,
I still need you just the same

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, March 10, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number nine of fifty-two

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The Girlfriend Takeaway – Dr Kat Smith

Dr Kat Smith is an author, speaker (check out her TEDx), expert media guest, and all-around cool chick. She’s been on Good Morning America, HuffPost Live, Good Morning Texas, ABC radio networks, and now Girlfriend, We Need To Talk!

When this media powerhouse brought her awesomeness to the studio, she spoke hard truths about getting out from under our own shit. I had many takeaways from our conversation, but the biggest by far was . . .

“When life isn’t working out, start within.”

Kat has applied this to her own journey as a survivor of abuse, but it also holds true for every area of our own lives. Are you prone to negative thinking, afraid of change, crippled by self-doubt? Within people. That’s what she’s talkin’ about.

Check out this inspiring message on iTunes and leave a review. Not on iTunes? Click HERE.

And you can follow this outstanding woman on any or all of these social media platforms:







Thank you, Dr Kat!

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Gravel Roads

I see it just like yesterday
With Dad behind the wheel,
Cruising over gravel roads
And how it made me feel

Destination Grandpa’s house
Sometimes uncles, too,
All of whom had farms to run
Where food and families grew

And on the way we’d pass a few
Cars and trucks and tractors,
Meandering at Sunday’s pace
No need for going faster

I’d raise my hand like Daddy did
And each of us would wave,
Acknowledging the driver
The kindness they’d repay

I loved that little gesture
And miss it where I am,
Fingers now are raised on high
And no one gives a damn

Aggression at my bumper
Anger on my right,
Police who just don’t bother
‘Cause they’ve got a bigger fight

It saddens me, I must admit
At city’s core and mine,
That basic human decency
Falls victim to the grind

Despite, I’m blessed that I was raised
To know a farmer’s code,
For when mankind wears on my soul
I seek a gravel road.

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, March 3, 2019
Number eight of fifty-two in my 2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge.

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The Girlfriend Takeaway – Clonie Gowen

Clonie Gowen. Professional poker player, and my first guest on Girlfriend, We Need To Talk!

How fitting that my premiere interview be in person. Many of my conversations with outstanding women happen over the phone, but this was the best way to start out. And this woman’s story! From taking a bus to Vegas at 17 to teaching poker in Allen, TX – not to mention the $1.6 million in tournament wins that happened in between.

What was my biggest takeaway from 30 minutes with Clonie? Her parallels between poker and the game of life:

“If you’re just sitting down and you’re miserable all the time, you’re going to always see the miserable cards that you get. You’re never going to be able to see the wins.”

Amen sister. So true. She spoke of attitude, praised gratitude, and exuded fortitude.

Thank you, Clonie Gowen. This interview was a royal flush, and I know that those who listen will be all in.

You can check out the interview on iTunes or by clicking HERE. And if you want to learn to play from the master herself, this is the LINK for you.

Want to follow the show on social media? Try one or all of these:

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