What’s this show about? Women. Outstanding women, to be exact, and Leana Delle is behind the mic posing questions.

Produced by Mark "Friedo" Friedman, you'll be entertained by both thought-provoking insights and a healthy dose of humor.

Guests range in age from mid-twenties to mid-nineties, and their stories have a common theme: empowerment.

If you don't believe these interviews can make a difference in your life, then Girlfriend, we need to talk!

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EPISODES (starting with most recent)

Jenelle Marie Pierce - Director of The STD Project

Sarah Hepola - NY Times Bestselling Author of Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget

Nicole Gaitan - Artist/Painter

Helene Anne Fortin - One of North America's leading portrait photographers

Beverley Elliott - Actor, singer/songwriter, and award recipient for musical theater. She's Granny from ABC's Once Upon A Time!

Ellen Britton - Nashville musician, singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.

Dr Kat Smith - Intimalogist™, TEDx speaker and author.

Clonie Gowen - Professional poker player.

Leana Delle - The reason I'm doing this podcast.