dscn29714Ah, yes. One of the greatest challenges we face, and one of the richest opportunities for growth.

I’ve been hearing a lot about various forms of rejection lately from friends and family members, and I’m sure it’s no surprise to any of us that we put far too much stock in the opinions of others. If we take stock at all, it should be kept to a minimum and only accepted from people who have genuine interest in our wellbeing.

The opinions or tastes of others – in regards to who we are – aren’t worth crap. Really, I could end my rant with that simple point and be done with it, but you know that’s not going to happen.

I can honestly say, in hindsight, that every time I’ve experienced rejection, it’s turned out to be a positive in the end. That includes jobs, relationships, contest losses, you name it. If we’re not right for them, then they’re not right for us. It’s when we try and force an issue, and become what we’re not to please others, that true opportunities elude us.

If you are experiencing a form of rejection right now, and feeling unworthy because of it, that’s your ego talking. Tell it to shut up. Don’t change for anything or anybody – ever. It’s simply the wrong place for you right now – bottom line.

I actually have an exercise that really works for me. Try this:

When you’re feeling rejected, think of one special person in your life who truly loves you for who you are. I mean the real you – the deep down inside you. Now, close your eyes and see yourself through theirs. If you’re not smiling, pick someone else.

We’re all worthy, so break away from anything that makes you feel otherwise. Signal the universe to send only those people and situations that support your authentic self. The more we fault ourselves for the non-acceptance of others, the more that false reality is perpetuated. Just turn your head, look in a new direction, and move on.