The Last of Fifty-Two!

I have a love affair with words
The spoken, written, sung,
Though poetry I could not count
Among the things I’ve done

‘Twas on a whim, a moment’s call
Just something I would try,
To write a poem every week
Till fifty-two’d gone by

No formal training, teachings, prep
For which most judge, no doubt,
But good I never claimed to be
‘Twas just to try it out

And now all 52 are penned
And posted to be read,
With hopes you laughed, or cried, or both
But mostly that you’re led

To do a thing you think you can’t
And kick fear at its core,
Then share it with a world that needs
To take these chances more

So, now I lay my pen to rest
Though only for a while,
Occasionally, I’ll try again
If just to make us smile

And for those who have read each one
There are a precious few,
I thank you from my heart of hearts
With praise and gratitude

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, January 5, 2020
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number fifty-two of fifty-two – WOO HOO!!
Photo Credit: Neven Krcmarek

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  1. So inspirational! Thank you Leana!

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