A walk alone through mist and moor
She took with lack of reason,
Drawn by forces unexplained
And disregard for season

Anxious grew and anxious knew
As each step took her further,
Into the depths she dreaded most
Where past robs all of future

But pull it did and pull it had
To steal all sense of meaning,
Taking heart and taking soul
Devouring hopes and dreamings

And with each foot afore the next
A morphing would begin,
From young and vibrant, full of life
To crooked, bent, and thin

Alas the path would render her
She cared no more for love or life
Or those she once had cradled

I mourned the loss of who she was
Long before she left us,
Now hearing subtle laughter’s cry
Resisting urge for smugness

And pray I do for all who writhe
In grips of harsh affliction,
That light lead out of mist and moor
And free them from addiction

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, October 27, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number forty-two of fifty-two
Photo Credit: Andrei Lazarev