Once upon a sunlit day
I met a wandering sage,
Her staff, it held a sign that read
Ask me about age

“It’s time,” I said, with anxious heart,
“I really want to know,
Why it disappears so fast
And where it tends to go.”

The sage, she pointed to a bench
“Come sit, for time allows.
If what you want is answers,
Rest in the here and now.”

Our eyes they met, and I did see
Her endless youth within,
Fearing what she’d see in mine
I prayed she’d just begin

“Time,” she said, “it races
To save itself from us,
It feels as though we waste it,
It sees that we’re unjust,

“It rushes through the nonsense
The things that matter least,
In search of those among us
Who truly value peace

“It’s when it finds those moments
It slows and lingers there,
The gentle touch of loved ones,
A kindness being shared

“But few and far between are those
And so it rushes on,
Which is the reason that we think
Our lives will soon be gone.”

I realized in that moment
That I had from the start,
Hoped she’d answer quickly
So I could soon depart

Reaching out, she took my hand
And whispered deep and low,
“Feel it come and sit with us,
Feel its presence grow.”

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, September 15, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number thirty-six of fifty-two
Photo Credit: Canva