Talk about motivating! Cindy Miller, former LPGA player turned speaker/coach, inspires people to take another shot. She has, in fact, been coined the master of mulligans, and Lord knows we could all use the occasional redo.

Cindy’s inspiration for taking another shot didn’t stem from an innate determined spirit, although she definitely possesses one of those. It came from others telling her she wasn’t good enough. She calls these folks, “The Committee of They,” and she believes the only thing they’re good for is pushing us to improve.

“I think a lot of people have doubt, apprehension, and fear, but what if things could get better? It’s never too late. You just have to make the decision.”

She’s also tired of people pointing out the bad stuff. Her advice on finding a great coach, be that for the game of golf or life in general, is this:

“I think people need to be very cautious. You’ve gotta interview the person. Are they really going to give you solutions, or are they just going to tell you everything you’re doing wrong? Show me how to do it right!”

Once you know how to do it right, and you’ve adjusted your mindset, you can be unstoppable.

“I don’t care how good you are. If you choose to get better, you can do that.”

She’s been there. She knows. Told many times that she wasn’t good enough, she proved her committee wrong, both on the golf course and off. A veteran of five U.S. Women’s Opens, she’s been named to the Top 50 Women Teachers in America list by Golf Digest Magazine, making it obvious that she’s learned to do things right.

Sharing her own stories of accomplishment really brought weight to our discussion during her interview, leaving me with a genuine sense of possibility. Like everyone else, there are times when I become frustrated and feel like giving up, but I’m now going to carry this 5 star quote of Cindy’s with me into all future adversities (whether real or perceived):

“Embracing the privilege of pressure brings courage and more consistent results.”

Wow. It doesn’t get much better than that. Words to live by, for sure.

Privilege comes in many forms. Spending 30 minutes in conversation with this outstanding woman definitely classifies for me.

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