The Entrance of Time

If there was a place I could go to
A place that no one could find,
I’d sail in a boat on an ocean
And stop at the entrance of time

No need for permission to enter
No need for credentials or name,
Just time standing still in one moment,
Just time never asking who came

I’d let my boat float off without me
And stand all alone on the shore,
Never again to grow older
Never again to want more

Where no one I love could go missing
And no one I love could draw near,
Suspended in time in one moment
Free and devoid of all fear

For moments when strung all together
Are those of the most dangerous kind,
They give and they take without warning
Pushing and leaving behind

But one solid moment to stay in
One where the winds never blow,
A place without sorrow or sadness
That’s where my heart wants to go

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, September 1, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number thirty-four of fifty-two
Photo Credit: Toomas Tartes


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  1. Simply perfect!

  2. Lovely ❤️ felt images and feelings. Birdie is smiling at you.

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