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Rapid heart rate; uncontrolled sweating; a continual reel playing in your head of worst case scenarios. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever had to speak in front of a crowd, odds are it does.

When Nicole McLean had a big presentation to give, she did the obvious: she practiced. In her case, she did it in front of her husband, over and over again. At some point, he suggested a possible solution, one that she jokingly says may have saved their marriage. He developed a virtual reality (VR) audience.

Not everyone’s partner has the ability to create VR, but he did, and the result has blossomed into Instage, a product that’s expanding beyond the living room to fill a genuine need.

“You never know what kind of opportunity you have or where you’re going to end up, so you have to really be grateful and say okay, now I have a chance to make a mark and not necessarily be trapped in one career path. I can open this up and help a lot of people.”

And who’s going to argue with this quote: “No one likes role playing with coworkers.”


During our conversation, she expanded on that switch in mindset from career path to being an entrepreneur, covering everything from idea conception, marketing, pitching, self-doubt and just good, old-fashioned enthusiasm. And wait until you hear what this product is really capable of doing! Help a lot of people, indeed.

I, for one, am thrilled to see Instage become a reality (virtual and otherwise), and I know you will be, too.

Check out Nicole’s entertaining interview on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or by clicking HERE. And be sure to leave a review!

And thanks to George Gettas for yet another fabulous connection.

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  1. This is truly true- also a voice that trembles and hands shaking. Love your posts.

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