Wellness practitioner. That’s what this outstanding woman is, and who doesn’t love wellness?

I met Dawn several years ago through a friend, but we never really got to know each other. Only recently, by following her practice on Facebook and Instagram (something you can do if you scroll down), I became intrigued. Reiki Master?! Having done some serious spiritual exploration at one point in my life, I wanted to learn more.

Dawn was the perfect guest (funny, upbeat, knowledgeable), and following the interview, I had to travel to Canada for a week, so I booked a Reiki session with her of my own.

First off, Dawn works in a relaxing space in her home that has a completely chilled vibe. She explained the entire process to me and got started. In the interview she quotes a client as saying, “I don’t know what you did, but I feel great.” Yep! My experience exactly, although I did understand the process.

Throughout, with my eyes closed, I could feel literal heat coming from Dawn’s hands, which she describes as channeled energy. It was intense at times, but never painful, and when I opened my eyes, fully relaxed, she helped me identify areas that may be holding me back. Honestly, it’s like spiritual and mental therapy all wrapped up into one calm inducing hour. I loved it!

Skeptical? There’s nothing about a Reiki session that can harm you, so what do you have to lose? Dawn said it best: “I’m a fan of ‘throw everything at it!’ If you try something and it doesn’t work for you, then great, don’t try it again. But what if it does?”

Oh, how that applies to everything! The definition of being alive, if you ask me. It’s through trying new things that we identify ourselves and where we fit in on this crazy, floating planet.

“You create your reality. That’s something that people need to understand, and sometimes that’s hard for them to get. But you can shift it any time that you need to.”

Yes, they do find it hard to get, especially in the face of suffering, but the ability to facilitate change lies within us all. Attitude and focus shape confidence and perception, and anything that aligns us and better directs our energy can’t be a bad thing.

And no worries if you don’t live in Dawn’s immediate area. She offers some great online classes, too!

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Thanks, Girlfriend!

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