I had trouble picking my girlfriend takeaway this week, and I love it when that happens! It’s purely because there were so many nuggets from my conversation with Caroline King that I struggled narrowing down to just one. In the end, I decided on two.

This young woman is the Caroline of Caroline King Photography in Tucson, Arizona, and she’s a woman on a mission. A valiant one at that. She’s taking on our toxic body image issues and destroying them one photograph at a time. Her weapon? Boudoir. Powerful and expressive, it appears to show no mercy.

Caroline admits in the interview to having had some body image issues of her own, and who among us hasn’t? God knows I did. But now she’s embracing who she is and inspiring others to do the same. And beyond the photography, she’s also a big proponent of filtering our exposure to toxic social media messages that dictate how we should look.

“I think that one thing I’ve learned through all of this is just how much agency we have over the way we feel about our bodies through the things that we expose ourselves to, and the way we have to be vigilant about our thoughts about our bodies. After practicing that over and over and over and working that muscle, and sort of rewriting how you think about yourself, you can actually change how you feel.”

Yes, you most certainly can. I couldn’t agree more. And it’s people like Caroline who are out there fighting the good fight for those who continue to struggle.

“I hope that what I can do in my work is at least create a space for people to explore a different kind of relationship with their body than they have. I mean, it’s up to every individual person to do all the work that it takes to really undo all of the toxic messages, but if I can at least create a space where people can help explore that, then that’s really all I care about.”

Well done.

So, let’s don the lingerie, girlfriends, and work to put this body image bullshit behind us.

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