Permission I ask for
I bargain, I plea
To simply do nothing,
I ask it of me

Set aside projects
And put down the phone,
Ignore a few deadlines
Hide out alone

Yet, each time I query
I counter, it’s true,
With a voice of ambition
And a list of to-dos

Whispering, taunting,
Causing me strife,
With threats of my living
An unfulfilled life

Neither side loses,
Neither side wins,
And the next day it starts
All over again

Maybe what’s needed
Is some kind of truce,
Put down the blowhorns
And stop the abuse

Quiet the body,
Silence the mind,
Praise my soul’s driving
And trust in the ride

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, April 7, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number thirteen of fifty-two