The Last Day Of March

I’ve got a big question
To ask from the heart,
Why a big snow
On the last day of March?

I’ll admit that it’s pretty
In a pre-Christmas way,
But I’m told even Santa
Is feeling dismayed

The poor little robins
Flew all the way back
With a promise of sunshine
And flowers and snacks

But everything’s shivering
From buds on the trees
To dogs and small children
All up to their knees

What kind of tomfoolery,
Tell me, what trick?
April Fools’ is tomorrow,
To rules we must stick

So, dear Mother Nature
My homeland implores,
Please bring back our springtime
And faith you’ll restore

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, March 31, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number twelve of fifty-two


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  1. Very Charming! Thanks

  2. Very charming and uplifts the spirit! I love the lyrical nature of your well-crafted poem, Leana! Warm regards, Sharon Sinclair

  3. Was refilling my hummingbird feeder when the weather turned from warm/hot to very cold and I can’t imagine the stress of the birds trying to figure out where they are or where they should be….

    • I agree. My family had their first robin sightings this week while I was visiting. These sweet, little birds return to Ontario, Canada every spring, and when freak snowstorms happen, I always feel sorry for them. Thankfully, the snow won’t last long this time of year.

  4. Love this! Thanks Leana! Miss you…

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