This woman. What a joy.

Professional musician, singer/songwriter, and guitar teacher extraordinaire. What was my biggest takeaway from her podcast interview on Girlfriend, We Need To Talk? Actually, I had two.

The first: “Singing harmony might be the best thing about life.” I agree with this, as it applies to music and to relationships. I think that being “in tune” with others is why we’re here in the first place. Strive for it. Hit the high notes. Blend.

The second: “If I can’t have fun, I don’t want to play. I think that’s the secret to everything.” Oh, so true, Miss Ellen. If you’re not digging it, ditch it – or come at your scenario from a different angle. One that infuses joy.

I highly recommend that you listen to this episode to get a true taste of what loving life sounds like. Options include iTunes where you can leave a review, or right here with a simple click.

Oh, and Ellen also gave me a new favorite word. “Dadgum.”

And be sure to follow her through the links below. You’ll be enriched by the connection, guaranteed.

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