facebook-like-icon1) I can stay connected to people I would have otherwise lost touch with.

2) I can see the things that make my friends smile, and I can watch their kids grow up.

3) I learn some beautifully inspiring quotes.

4) I can keep everyone updated at once instead of having to send out individual emails or make phone calls.

5) I can stay abreast of world events and politics.

6) I can watch funny videos and have a chuckle.

7) It gives me something to do if I’m stuck somewhere for any length of time.

8 ) I can “Like” the fan pages of people I admire.

9) I can find like-minded folks to connect with.

10) I can support the creative endeavors of others and give a shout out for good causes that deserve attention.



thumbsdown1) I spend a ridiculous amount of time scrolling through my news feed trying to keep up with everyone.

2) I get caught up looking through pictures of birthday parties and watching videos of dog and cat antics.

3)  We tend to recycle quotes from people who are dead instead of having real conversations that could potentially facilitate the birth of an original thought.

4) I’m more likely to post a “Hey, guess what . . . ” update than to have an actual conversation with someone.

5) Everyday I get to read something that disturbs me or pisses me off, which – ironically – is why I don’t watch the news on television.

6) I don’t have cable, because I don’t want to waste time watching shit that takes me away from living a life of purpose, but I’ll click on clips of amazing rat tricks and elephants playing the piano??

7) I rarely get to meet new people, because everyone’s staring that their stupid smart phones in public: elevators, coffee shops, hairdressers. We’re all avoiding each other.

8 ) I’m watching people like Elizabeth Gilbert live their passion instead of fully living my own.

9) I’m developing virtual friendships with writers instead of real ones.

10) I’m now going to have to establish ground rules for my own usage of this brilliant and annoying anti-social obsession. It has come to this. {sigh}

Please note: There’s absolutely nothing negative about showing support for the creative endeavors of others or giving a shout out for good causes that deserve attention. Not one single thing. Maybe we should have a page that’s solely for the purpose of doing just that.