cover_rev_sm1I’ve achieved a few things in my day – things that I worked long and hard to accomplish – but none have given me the same level of gratification as seeing my book on sale and reading my first review on

I’ve been waiting for the book to be posted on major websites for a while now, so when I walked into Chapters the other day, I checked their kiosk just in case. Up popped CONTROL SWITCH, and I let out an audible gasp that spurred one of their employees to ask if everything was okay.

“More than okay. That’s my book!” I replied, tapping on the screen.

img_0324My book. Wow. And for those of you who don’t know the story, I was gifted the path of writing by my dear friend, Jenesse Aurandt, before she lost her battle with breast cancer. I promised her I’d write a book one day, and that one promise has taught me more about discipline, passion, and purpose than any other life lesson to date.

And my gratitude goes out to all who have supported my journey and shared in this accomplishment, including my dear friend, Sophie Terrasse, who met me at Chapters to share in the excitement.

img_0325Know that pursuing your passion is always the right decision. Know that the frustrations and challenges you’ll face will only add to your ultimate fulfillment. Know that you are not meant to live a passionless life. None of us are – not ever.

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