Final edits are complete and the manuscript for “Control Switch” is going through its last proofread before submission. I’m feeling relieved, relaxed, and ultimately satisfied. I like what I’ve written; I’m happy with it. But I’m also feeling somewhat melancholy. I began writing because of a promise – a promise to a friend dying of cancer. “You’re a writer,” she said, before making me swear to author a book one day. I miss her more than usual this weekend, and I pray that she knows how grateful I am.

I’m also feeling a bit sad, because I won’t be spending time with my characters any longer. Candace, Fiona, and Josie have been part of my everyday life for a little over two years now, and it’s time to give them wings. I’ll miss them (and their misadventures) very much.


cover_rev_sm1Time is a funny thing. If someone had told me in advance how many hours I’d be spending on this project, I’d never have believed them. I would, however, have continued writing regardless. That’s the true sign of a passionate path in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes, or even if it’s lucrative. You just simply have to do it. End of (dare I say it) story.

So, I woke up this morning with my book on my mind. Not the one I just finished, but the second one that has been plotting its way through my brain for over a year now. Soon I’ll be spending time with Gaynor and Pepper and a variety of supporting characters who have yet to introduce themselves. I can’t wait, and although I’m pretty convinced that this story won’t take as long to write as the first one did, there’s a chance it might, and I’m okay with that.

Do you have a creative dream that you’d like to see fulfilled? Could it potentially take one, two, maybe three years to complete? Well, ask yourself where you’ll be in that timeframe if you don’t pursue it. Time’s going to pass regardless. Do what leaves¬†you feeling relieved, relaxed, and satisfied in the end. You truly won’t regret the hours it took – not one bit.

Although I can’t give an exact date when “Control Switch” will be available, I can guarantee it’s on its way. Feel free to follow me on Facebook for updates, and I’ll keep you posted in future blogs.

Thanks for all of your support and patience, y’all. Onward and upward.

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