dscn3080…and felt like sharing:

1.)  Self is our most reliable ally

2.)  Following our passions is the only way to sustain lasting joy

3.)  Broken hearts mend


4.) Creativity expresses itself

5.)  Kids laughing is the all-time best music ever

6.)  True friendship survives distance, time, and circumstance

7.)  If we don’t spend quiet time alone, someone else will do our thinking for us

8.)  Comparing ourselves to anyone else is an absurd and destructive exercise

img_01249.)  Trees are giant bouquets of greenery, and, yes, hugging them makes us feel connected


10.) Gratitude is the best catalyst for abundance

Stay tuned for the ten things I’m not so sure about. :-) Oh, and please share some of the things you know for sure. Would love to hear from you.