“It’s the small things that make a huge difference.”

Wise words from NY Times bestselling author and celebrity coach Christy Whitman. She’s so right, and what she’s referring to is consistency.

“With New Year’s resolutions, we create lofty goals but don’t do what we need to do on a consistent basis.”

I had to have this outstanding woman back on the show after her first interview in August. As CEO and Founder of Quantum Success Coaching Academy, who better to talk to about resolutions and a personalized 2020 vision?

“It’s time to start taking really deliberate control of our lives and realize that we’re not in any way, shape, or form victims – that we get to choose what we get to focus on. We then attract what we want, or don’t want, by where we put our energy.”

But beyond that, she advises that we concentrate on not just our desires but how we ultimately want to feel. If we can identify with that (be it freedom, abundance, joy, etc.), we can start to experience those things and draw them into our lives.

“When you really start to look at the why behind it, and ultimately how you want to feel once that desire has been achieved, then you’re coming from a place where now you can work with the energy. You’re actually inspired instead of having to motivate yourself.”

I love this, but my biggest takeaway came when she broke it all down into one kickass analogy: Similar to a spy movie where it takes two keys turned at the same time to unlock a secret passage, we have to insert our keys first. Once we do, the Universe jumps in to fulfill its part in opening the door.

BAM! I’m getting my key cut ASAP!

And what about setting actual resolutions? Christy theorizes that they may actually create more limitations for us (think the gym here).

“If it’s January 5th, and you wake up in the morning, that’s a fresh new day. This moment right now is different for the one that just passed. Right now you have a moment to hit the reset button and start.”

She advises a “new moment’s resolution” versus putting so much pressure on the first day of the year.

“Everyday when you wake up, it’s your birthday. You are giving birth to a brand new day. It’s the first day of your new year.”

Well, I love birthdays, so I’m all in on this concept. My favorite part is actually how birthdays make me feel, and feeling, according to my esteemed guest, is where it all begins.

I hope that each of you feels a true sense of opportunity in each new day of this new year, and that you never let discouragement get you off course. Let’s all start our mornings with a gentle “Happy Birthday,” in 2020, and then put a big red bow on our wildest dreams.

To hear more on how to make your dreams reality, listen to Christy’s full interview HERE or wherever your favorite podcasts play.

HAPPY 2020, dear friends!

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