She’s a fan of larger than life goals that can’t be shaken, and if you don’t have one of your own, she’s got the know-how to get you there.

Laura Gassner Otting came on my podcast, Girlfriend, We Need To Talk, this week, serving up a hefty dose of motivation. This on the heels of my reading her book, Limitless, on how to “ignore everybody, carve your own path, and live your best life.”

Our discussion took us down some interesting and revealing paths. The first being one of purpose. Does purpose have to be larger than life? Does it have to be on scale with Mother Teresa or Ghandi? No. It only has to be on par with your own authenticity.

“I don’t want to purpose shame anyone. Everyone has a purpose, and the only person who gets a vote on whether or not yours matters, is you.”

She also hates the concept of following your passion.

“Following your passion doesn’t tell you how to get there or how to succeed. It just tells you that you’re a failure if you’re not working in it.”

And this comment delivered my biggest takeaway:

“Your passion deserves your very best, and the only way to get there is to fall down and pick yourself up and fall down and pick yourself up, because that’s how you figure out if it is, in fact, your passion.”

Instead of the usual Tell me what you’d do if you knew you would succeed, Laura prefers, Tell me what you would do if you knew for sure you were going to fail over and over and over again. In her opinion, that’s your passion.

This made SO much sense to me. I’ve asked myself many times, Why do I keep doing this? Be that podcasting, writing, or speaking, and every time, the answer’s the same: Because I can’t not.

Here’s something else to consider: When you can’t not, what’s the win?

“I think that we have one job on this planet, and that’s to uplift each other. And the way that we uplift each other is by being the very best versions of ourselves, because the more that we grow the more we have the ability to carry other people up with us. It’s really hard to push people up from below, but it’s a lot easier to pull them up when we’re on top.”

Wow. So, we’re not just limitless in our own potential; we’re limitless in our potential to inspire others. Love it.

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