Through patience and kindness
And enough grace to fail,
By trusting and bending,
Ignoring detail

With the ceasing of stories
We tell in our head,
We make room to foster
Brand new ones instead

Calling for brilliance
The first time we try,
Will end our endeavor
And force hope to die

But all but the tiniest
Glimmer of light,
Fanned with forgiveness
Can sharpen our sight

“Creative I”m not,
And I shan’t be,” you say,
But it’s really our mindset
That keeps us from play

It balances, strengthens
And frames who we’ve been,
When adding expression
To what’s gone unseen

So trust in my saying,
Trust in my song,
It’s outside the box
That we truly belong

By picking up chisel
Or paintbrush or pen,
Our minds can find respite
And flourish again

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, April 21, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number fifteen of fifty-two


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  1. Love your poems Leana! Makes me feel like painting and/or quilting today! Thanks M

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