Helene Anne Fortin is one of North America’s leading photographers and an absolute joy of a human being. Blessed to interview her this week on Girlfriend, We Need To Talk!, I learned so much from her wise perspective that I struggled to pick just one takeaway. I had to start with a list of six and narrow it down.

Which quote won?

“Personal creativity is going to connect you to joy. If you bravely walk toward any kind of creative life, or even a portion of your life dabbling in creativity, you will not only enrich your life, you will enrich the world.”

I couldn’t agree more. Enriching the world may sound intimidating, but that comes from far beyond the actual work. It comes from the person you become while doing the work. It’s about how that new you interacts with others and spreads joy.

Again, Helene Anne specifies “personal creativity,” so it’s a matter of doing what speaks to you. That may be making museum ready sculptures or coloring in a coloring book. Dabble indeed, and experience the transformation. And DO NOT let your inner critic keep you from your crayons. Tell it to back the hell off.

You can listen to the full interview through the Girlfriend, We Need To Talk! website or by visiting iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Helene Anne is definitely enriching our world, and for that I send out a resounding THANK YOU, GIRLFRIEND!

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