The Doubter

Question the doubter,
The faithless,
The lost,
Know that their lies have no basis

Ignore all the banter,
The whispers,
The cause,
The judge who holds court with no cases

The average have motives,
And plans,
And dark deeds,
Designed to derail the intended

“Protection,” they cry,
Is their purpose,
Their gift
To keep you from landing upended

Comparing they’ll do
Of others
To you,
Explaining why all plans do foil

And gloat from behind,
When you whither
They shine,
The victor holds tight to the spoils

But I challenge the victim,
The downcast,
Whence do these strong voices travel?

From within, I dare say
We destroy
We decay,
By our own hand our dreams do unravel

~ Leana Delle
Sunday, March 24, 2019
2019 Sunday Poetry Challenge – Number eleven of fifty-two

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  1. Wonderful!!!

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