elizabeth-montgomery1Okay, so I’m not a fan of television, but I do occasionally like to tune in to something retro on Netflix. Right now I’m on a Bewitched kick. I loved that show as a kid, and I know I’m dating myself here (again), but . . . come on. Wiggle your nose and get what you want? I’m all over that. Samantha’s husband, Darren, however, was not.

It’s with new eyes that I watch this old series. I still love it, but really?

bewitched“Don’t wiggle your nose to clean the house, Samantha. You promised when we got married that there’d be no more witchcraft.”

Excuse me, Dagwood? If I could wiggle my nose and forgo laundry, someone would be getting that ridiculous notion wiggled right out of their noggin.

I’m far more of an Endora fan at this point. She was intelligent, strong-willed, and in touch with her “Let’s pop over to Paris for lunch” side. Truly a woman who understood how to embrace her power to create. My kinda girl.

endoraThen there’s Jeannie (don’t get me started). Kept in a bottle? With a lid on it when she misbehaved??


If you can get past the glaring sexual fantasy in this show, the level of control that this genie’s “master” had over her never made sense to me whatsoever – not even as a child. Mind you, he did save her from an eternity of confinement and oppression.


jeannie-in-a-bottleI’m admittedly still entertained by the antics of Samantha and Jeannie – each in their own way – and I can see why I loved them so much as a kid. In spite of gender portrayals, they were the stars of their shows, and they inspired me to imagine possibilities.

I like to think that we’re all the stars of our own shows with endless possibilities at our finger- (ah, nose) tips. We’ve just got to harness our own brand of magic to obtain what it is we want. We may not reach goals in an instantaneous manner, but we can make anything happen if we set our minds to it and do the work. Oh, and believe. We’ve got to believe.

magicSo cross your arms, give your heads a quick nod, and wiggle your noses, ladies. We have come a long way, and if you doubt it for a minute, just check out a few 1960’s television episodes to remind yourself of where we’ve been.

Thank God for changes in attitude. And wouldn’t I just love to chat with Sam and Jeannie now to see how things panned out.

You stuck that broom and bottle where?