Remember when you were a teen, and you could find hearts in all things? I sure do, but I went through that phase during the 70s (bravely dating myself here) when peace and love dominated our culture.

My first cousin twice removed, Paige, shared this picture of herself on Facebook recently and gave me permission to share it with you. Thanks, Paige!!

paigeI LOVE this shot for several reasons. First off, it’s of Paige. Second, it’s positive and smile inducing. Third, it instantly takes me back to a younger, more optimistic me.

For years now I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t go through my teenaged years again if paid, but the further I get away from them (oh, the irony) the more selective I am in my memories – and feelings.

I was going to shake things up, make a difference, love my neighbor. I meditated, held hands, and dreamed of being the next Joni Mitchell. I planned to forge my own path and change the system. Somewhere along the way, however, the system changed me.

Oh, “If I knew then what I know now,” right? What I could accomplish. But wait! If I have the knowledge now, and can channel my unstoppable previous self . . .

I know now what I had then – and there’s no reason why I can’t have it again.

Okay, so the physical energy might not be there, but the sense of wonder certainly can be. I can still make a difference, love my neighbor (even if she doesn’t like dogs), hold hands, and play my guitar. And I CAN change things. Maybe not on a global scale, but the ocean consists of a lot of tiny little droplets, and each one contributes to the wave.

Channel the version of yourself that felt the most authentic. Be what you once believed you could be.