That pretty much sums up 2012. Just . . . wow. The best year I think I’ve ever had. Well, so far anyway, but be sure that I’ll try and top it this year and every year after that. In fact, my goal is to look back on the whole journey with the same smile I’m sporting tonight. And why the gleeful grin? Because I’m grateful. Grateful for the generosity of friends and for so many great life lessons, including:

– True friendship spans oceans. Thanks John G.

– Adventures never have to end. Thanks Shirley M.

– Family is forever family. Thanks Sharon F-M.

– You can dream big and inspire multitudes. Thanks Regan G.

– You can live in the moment and wallow in love. Bless you little Toby.

– You can have absolutely nothing and still exude joy. Thank-you people of Haiti!

SO blessed to have had this past year, and now “onward and upward” as my dear friend, Jenesse, used to say. This year I’ll hold my first novel in my hands (thank-you for your patience) and start my second. I’ll visit favorite cities and explore new ones. I’ll reconnect with special friends and make new ones out of strangers. I also plan to learn everything I can about love and marketing, so feel free to share your wisdom on either.

Most importantly, this year I plan to express my gratitude for the generosity of friends by paying it forward. Giving creates possibility. Possibility creates hope.

CHEERS to a great new year, everyone!

And I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for an entire year. Who knew I had so much to say? (Oh, you know you want to leave a reply now)