I love when things come full circle, and getting this new and improved website is just one of those things. Here’s why:

Many years ago (and I won’t say how many), when I was in Mr. Toppings art class in high school, we were asked to design something – anything – as long as it was original and creative. Being a hippie chick back in the day, I naturally designed something that involved a flower, and I loved it. It spoke to me. I was seventeen.

Now, I do not profess to be an artist. I can write books and songs, and I can sing and make vision boards, but I mean visually artistic. Stickmen I’m good at, but that’s about it, so my little flower made me a happy girl. I apparently tucked that picture away in a trunk, which is where I found it just a few years ago. I smiled.

While I was finding new ways of expressing myself in art class, Nick Brindisi was learning the fine art of drafting across the hall. Many years later – actually in the last few – Nick and I reconnected on Facebook, and I’ve since shared a drink, a snowshoe, and a laugh with him and his lovely wife, Susan.

The full circle thing went something like this:

“I need my website revamped in a big way,” I said.

“Really? That’s what I do for a living,” replied Nick.

Result? This brand spankin’ new expression of me – with my funky high school flower as my logo! When I saw it, I smiled – and then some.

Nick rocks. He was able to pull together all of the elements I wanted on this site, while managing to express exactly who I am.

I’m SO grateful and excited to be unveiling the results. Here’s a snapshot of the old one for comparison:

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 2.21.09 PM





Thanks again, Nick. You’re amazing!

And here’s Nick’s site for those who may want to learn more about an extremely patient, efficient, positive and talented friend of mine: http://nakbdesign.ca/

And folks, all of my blog posts will be through this site from now on, as well, so check out the “Subscribe” tab if you want to receive regular updates.