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File This Under, “Never Again!”

For those who have been following my blog posts about de-cluttering, I’m here with step three. As previously mentioned, the Konmari Method IMG_1940suggests going in order of clothes first, books second and papers third. My first post, from May 19th, discussed my process of discarding ten huge garbage bags of clothing to Goodwill. My second post filled you in on how I scaled down from a trunkful of books to approximately 18 that give me joy and will continue to grace my bookshelves.

Did I take the remaining 120 or so books to Goodwill, as well? Some of them, but I also took the opportunity to turn my book purge into a social event, and it was a huge success. I highly recommend this as an addition to Marie Kondo’s many suggestions.

You will require the following:

–          A group of readers (I invited women over on a Friday after work)

–          Several bottles of wine

–          Snacks

–          Background music

–          Laughter

–        Instructions to take as many books home as desired – for free

I also threw in a few household items, knowing that one of our younger coworkers would be getting her first apartment next month. We had a lot of fun, and we got to know each other outside of the office. That is never a bad thing. Well, mostly never. With this group, it was awesome.

In this last couple of weeks I tackled papers. Yowza! You’ll have to trust me on this, since I didn’t do a “before” picture of my filing cabinet, but it was literally packed full, from top to bottom, leaving little room for more.

IMG_2634This is the “after” pic of my filing cabinet, and the bottom drawer now holds only a handful of empty files in case I need them, which I won’t. Old owner’s manuals, warranties, taxes greater than ten years old, paperwork from acquiring my U.S. immigration status, paperwork for nursing license applications, etc., even receipts for things that I no longer own – GONE!

The file contents that classify as “personal” have been set aside until I get to the last part of the de-clutter challenge – sentimental belongings (this one I dread the most).

Anyway, things just keep feeling lighter around here. I’m also happy to report that my clothes closet has not changed since I first organized it, and the only books I’ve bought are Kindle versions. It is my plan to never go back to unnecessary clutter again.


Okay, next up? Junk drawers, which pretty much defines all of my drawers, except those in the bedroom that now look organized, neat and joyful.

Stay tuned, and here’s hoping that I don’t burn out the motor of my shredder with this mountainous stack of nonsense ——>

The Scaling Down Continues

Wow. This “life-changing” book has literally started changing my life! Go figure.

Before and After.001In my last post I talked about my project of decluttering based on the KonMari method in the book, “The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up.” I finished going through clothes two weeks ago, so I’m bravely re-sharing my “before” pic and proudly including the “after.”

What’s left in my cheerful little closet? Only clothes, shoes and bags that bring me joy. IMG_2105Be warned, however: KonMari is not for the hurried or impatient. It’s a huge undertaking and a huge “taking,” as well – as in ten bags to Goodwill, thus far. But I can’t tell you how “joyous” it is to be wearing clothes that truly express who I am on any given day.

What I’m learning to develop is a keen eye for delight. I can already see a myriad of items that will be moved on to someone who can better enjoy their possession, since I no longer do. In the meantime, I’ll continue following the prescribed order and declutter by category – the second of which was books.

IMG_2112I had all of these books hidden away in a trunk in case I wanted to read one of them “someday.” Yeah, right. I’ve been dragging them around for almost 20 years. Ms. Kondo suggests that if you want to read a particular book “someday,” to purchase it on that day and start reading it right there and then. I’m heeding her advice, and these are all going to more deserving homes. I have about 18 left that will lovingly remain on my shelf.

It’s odd, but I almost feel as though a weight has been lifted off of me. Imagine how much lighter the effect will be when the weight has been lifted off my dining room table. This project rocks!

Next up? Papers. My overstuffed filing cabinet is calling out to me for air, its lungs congested and unable to expand. No, I do not look forward to this task, nor did I look forward to the last two, but – oh – how I love the results.

My biggest issue at this point is trying to reign in my desire to shop since I now know how fun it can be to not purchase something solely for practicality or function. If I have anything left that falls into those two categories, there still has to be full-on joy attached, as well.

Now, should I have bought that spoon rest today, because the potter looked exactly like Kevin Costner? <sigh> What can I say? I’m a work in progress.



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