Cover_Rev_MDSince high school, Candace Bradford has been offering advice to anyone who would listen: stop procrastinating, start exercising, remain calm in tense situations.  Now, with a bestselling book and a weekly radio show, she’s teaching the fine art of taking control, and people are paying attention.  

It seems that thirty-something Candace has achieved her single greatest dream in less time than she could have imagined. But despite her bright future, Candace’s success comes with a price – at the very moment when she’s poised for stardom, she’s overcome by illness, the ramifications of which could tear her carefully constructed world apart.

Candace makes a quick decision that saves her life at the cost of alienating her husband. When he walks out days later, she wonders if there’s more than meets the eye.

Can Candace keep her crumbling career together long enough to discover what he’s hiding?

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