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Control Switch is an unerringly enthralling read that rolls out a well-written narrative and addresses key social themes at the same time. First, there is the issue of being a successful female in a male-dominated work environment. Delle's protagonist is adamant that she have control over her own life, but sometimes that right is unfairly hoarded from hardworking women. Second, Delle writes about a convincingly troubled marriage that ails because a couple feels the need to fight over things like finances and the relative success of either person's career. With a unique premise and engaging conflict, Control Switch asks tough questions that deserve answers.

~ Red City Review

"I really enjoyed this book. It has good writing, a clear premise, and strong emotional stakes and plotting. It was also fun to read!"

~ Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"Tautly written with a great protagonist, this story about change, found from within and all too often forced from without, will find anyone with an ounce of ambition tearing through the pages to see how it all turns out. Poignant and smart and full of surprises, Ms. Delle has conjured a gripping debut novel about the dreams and nightmares of our celebrity obsessed society."

~ Dan LaVigne, author of "The God Of Fate And Chaos"